Enabling Environment and Human Rights Unit

  • Promotes a supportive environment facilitated by policies, programmes and legislation wherein all Jamaicans, including persons with HIV, youth and other vulnerable populations are socially included and their human rights protected.
    • Facilitated by policies, programmes and legislation.
  • Designs and coordinates strategies and interventions that:
    • reduce stigma and discrimination associated with sexual and reproductive health issues including family planning, HIV and other STIs;
    • advocate for a policy and legal framework for discrimination reduction and the protection of human rights of persons with HIV and other vulnerable populations including youth; and
    • strengthen community systems to promote discrimination reduction and the protection of human rights.

 Policy Formulation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

  • Monitors and evaluates the progress of the national family planning programme
  • Assists in the formulation of policy positions
  • Assists in the development of strategies to address Reproductive Health
  • Develops information dissemination strategies to address Family Planning/Reproductive Health issues

 Prevention & Outreach Unit

  • Examines and addresses underlying factors that influence risk-taking or appropriate behaviour, and effective strategies for changing or sustaining behaviour.
  • Examines reasons for a lack of behaviour change in some areas despite behaviour change communication (BCC) efforts.
  • Focuses on controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS among high-risk groups and the wider population by promoting safer sexual behaviour through the adoption of BCC strategies .
  • Develops and co-ordinates training programmes
  • Develops information dissemination strategies to address Family Planning/Reproductive Health issues
  • Forges links with the public and private sectors promoting the participation of voluntary and private sectors and other public entities in providing family planning services and family life education.

 The Finance Unit

  • Ensures that all financial transactions of the agency are properly recorded in keeping with the Generally Accepted Accounting practices and guided by the Financial Administration and Auditing Act
  • Ensures that proper controls are kept of all subsidiary records, books and accounting material in keeping with the guidelines laid down by the Health and Finance Ministries through staff orders and circulars

 Human Resources & Administration Unit

The Unit is responsible for the personnel management of the organisation, its annual planning process and administration:

  • Recruits and selects staff
  • Implements and executes human resource policies and practices
  • Procures goods and services
  • Distributes contraceptives
  • Provides support services to all the units