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The National Family Planning Board distributes contraceptive commodities to the four Regional Health Authorities island wide (the South-East, Southern, North-East and Western Regional Health Authorities). Commodities are distributed to the RHAs by the NFPB once an order has been made by those Authorities. Once the NFPB distributes these methods to the RHAs, it is the responsibility of the respective Regional Health Authorities to deliver the commodities to the over 300 Health Centres and clinics in their respective regions. Commodities housed and distributed by the NFPB include:

  • Male Condoms;
  • IUDs;
  • Injectables and;
  • Contraceptive Pills;

These methods are also available for purchase at the NFPB Warehouse located at 14 Retirement Road, Kingston. If you would like to purchase commodities from the warehouse, please call 926-1564 to place an order.

The price listing for contraceptive commodities is as follows:

Contraceptive Commodity Items per box Unit Price
Male Condoms 100/144 $10.00
IUDs 25/50 $150.00
Injectables 50 $500.00
Contraceptive Pills 3 cycles $150.00
Contraceptive Pills 1 cycle $50.00