Teen Seen

  The goal of the Teen Seen programme is to address Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health issues such as unplanned pregnancy, STIs, voluntary abstinence, and referral to appropriate services and counselling specifically for young people. The format used is based on the edutainment approach wherein entertainment is used as a vehicle for education and information. Each programme focuses on a Sexual and Reproductive Health topic discussion, youth news, vox pop and artistic performances. Teen Seen forums have focused on:   • Discrimination and stigma associated with teen sex and pregnancy; • Teens and under age sex; • Teens and male sexual responsibility; • HIV/AIDS vulnerability; • Communicating with parents; • Peer leadership; • Teens and self-esteem; • Teens and abortion; • Sexuality abstinence; and • Peer pressure.


The NFPB also offers training and information on various Sexual and Reproductive Health issues through its training workshops that are conducted by the NFPB’s Training Officers island-wide. These workshops are usually conducted for Community Health Aides, Nurses, Midwives, teen mothers, males and other groups such as members of the police force island-wide. The Training Officers conduct these workshops to strengthen the target groups’ understanding of Sexual and Reproductive Health issues.

Educational Materials

The NFPB also produces a variety of Sexual and Reproductive Health materials on both print and electronic media that are used by our target audiences, including teachers, guidance counsellors, students and parents. Some of these materials include brochures, posters and so on.